What FreeRide can change

FreeRide is a Free platform for People who want to Offer rides and Find rides, both for Free. The Idea is to maximize the utility of the existing vehicles plying on road. Most of the Vehicles moving on roads are having spare seats. The idea is to develop a system which will match these vacant seats to the people who don’t have vehicles or people who choose to selectively use their vehicles. The FreeRide App will work on a balance of Demand and Supply of Vacant seats available for free. The main concern is to strengthen the Supply side. For this people should understand the CHANGES which FreeRide can make, some of them are:

  • Low carbon emissions in the environment resulting in positive contribution in reducing global warming.
  • Reduction in number of traffic jams thus reducing emissions, saving fuel and time.
  • Reduced number of vehicle will also reduce numbers of road accidents.
  • Reduced vehicles will result in improvement in air quality.
  • Reduced vehicles will also result in reduced sound pollution.
  • Overall reduction in consumption of Petroleum products.
  • Reduced vehicles will also result in reduced pollution from rubber tyres.
  • Reduced health issues due to improvement in air quality.
  • Reduction in commutation time due to less traffic jams, resulting in more time for actual work.
  • Also improve people’s work-life balance as they will get more time to spend with their families.
  • Reduction of stress on government transport resources and fewer requirements for its expansions.

  • Women Safety: Women can also provide rides to WOMEN ONLY, creating a sense of safety and Security.