Trust and Safety

Freeride is a free platform for ride seekers and people who want to offer free rides. Even though being a free platform all the users at FreeRide are verified and are genuine users with the purpose of Offer or Request rides to help the environment. The Checks and balances provided in the App lets you trust the people who wants to give free rides. There are several unique features at FreeRide which makes this environmental protection initiative very safe and secure.

These include:

  • OTP verification at the time of registration.
  • Email Verification.
  • Driving License Verification.
  • Vehicle Photo Verification.
  • Provision of sending automated SMS to chosen Person(s) in the event of exceeding the travel time (provided by the person who offers the ride)
  • 2-way confirmation by the ride requestor and the person who offered ride at the time of start and end of the ride.
  • A women exclusive feature considering Women’s Safety/Privacy in which only women will allow to contact women.
  • An Advance feature is an inbuilt messenger of the App which lets the users to chat/interact with each other without sharing their contact information.