Road Safety

The following list focuses on the key issues that you need to know about ensuring greater safety in transport and minimizing adverse effects of transport on health.

1.Road Crash Problem
Every year more than 1.17 million people die in road crashes around the world. Sixty-five percent of deaths involve pedestrians and 35 percent of pedestrian deaths are children. Over 10 million are crippled or injured each year. It has been estimated that at least 6 million more will die and 60 million will be injured during the next 10 years in developing countries unless urgent action is taken.

The Global Burden of Disease study undertaken by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Harvard University and the World Bank showed that in 1990, traffic crashes were assessed to be the world's ninth most important health problem. The study forecasts that by the year 2020 road crashes would move up to third place in the table of leading causes of death and disability facing the world community.

2.Economic Perspective on Traffic Safety
Road crashes cost approximately 1 to 3 percent of a country's annual Gross National Product (GNP). These are resources that no country can afford to lose, especially those with developing economies. These losses undoubtedly inhibit the economic and social development of developing countries

3.Road Safety Tips

  • Always drive on the left.
  • Speed should be adjusted according to the road conditions.
  • Drive at a safe speed and always observe the speed limit.
  • Always wear your seat belt and ensure that your passengers do the same.
  • Do NOT drink and drive.
  • Follow other vehicles at a safe distance.
  • Do not use a mobile phone while driving.
  • Overtake with care.
  • Do not tailgate.
  • Before you drive a vehicle ensure that:
    • The vehicle is properly licensed,
    • It has a valid insurance policy,
    • You have the valid and appropriate license to drive the vehicle.


  • Always cross the road at designated pedestrian or zebra crossings.
  • Always use footpaths where they are available.
  • Do not cross at bends in the road where you cannot see the danger of oncoming vehicles.
  • If you are walking in a group, walk in single file facing oncoming traffic.
  • When crossing the road, be attentive and on the lookout for oncoming vehicles.