How It Works

  • Do You Need To Travel?
    > Find a ride with a trusted car owner
  • Do You Have Empty Seats?
    > Offer a ride to co-travellers

Find a ride with a trusted car owner and contribute in to saving our environment from the pollution.

1. Find a Ride

Just enter your departure and arrival points and your travel date, then choose a car owner offering a ride going your way. Take a look at the Ride Comment for information about the car owner, their reasons for travelling and other journey details.

  • Before getting in touch, you can check the trusted profile of the car owners, with a photo, bio and member ratings.

2. Get in Touch

Click on Contact rider and send a message to the car owner to book your seat with them. You'll then get their phone number on the rider’s discretion.

  • Car owners prefer to receive in-app messages because they can immediately consult your profile before replying.

3. Travel Together

Be at your planned meeting point on time and click on start ride to start the journey. If in any case the timer sets off before you press stop ride the message will be sent to your emergency contacts mentioned.

  • After travelling together stop the ride from app and leave a rating for your car owner, they will return the favor and it will enhance reliability in your profile. Car owners prefer travelling with co-travellers who have a reliable profile.

Rent your empty seats to trusted co-travellers, and contribute in to helping reduce the pollution in the environment.

1. Offer Your Ride Online

Add your departure and arrival points, the date and time of your departure, and the number of free seats. Fill out the Ride Comment to give more information about you and the details of your journey.

  • FreeRide strives to optimize the usage of the resources and minimize the pollution in the environment by providing a platform.

2. Your Co-travellers Contact You

Co-travellers will contact you to confirm journey details by message or phone. Once they send you a chat request we’ll ask you to either accept or reject their chat request, you can judge this by checking out his profile and FB friend list if he/she has shared.

  • You can view your co-travellers’ trusted profiles directly from their message.

3. Travel Together

Be at your planned meeting point on time. Should you be delayed, send a quick message letting your co-travellers know. You can easily recognize your co-travellers thanks to their member profile picture. Once you meet, ask the co-travellers to start the ride. This helps to shoot the emergency contacts a message in case of any inconsistency if the ride is not stopped until the timer runs out.

  • Add a photo of your car to your own profile: it'll help your co-travellers find you at the meeting point.