What is FreeRide?

FreeRide is a Free platform for People who want to Offer rides and Find rides, both for Free. The Idea is to maximize the utility of the existing vehicles plying on road and to develop a system which is self sustainable to help improve environmental conditions.

Why would someone give free rides?

FreeRide has an idea to build a community which fights back deteriorating environment conditions. Though the rides offered will be free but the advantages they will give will be very precious and will help everyone including the future generations. Some of them are Low carbon emissions , Reduction in number of traffic jams, Reduced number of vehicle, improvement in air quality, reduced sound pollution, Reduction in commutation time etc.

Could it be economically viable for people who give free rides?

FreeRide is based on the concept that the people who give free ride will also be requesting free rides frequently and vice-versa. This will prove economically viable for both the ride seekers and ride offerers.

Why would someone offer free rides when he/she can offer rides for money at various websites/platforms?

The use of paid ridesharing in our country is very limited due to the high prices charged by the people who offer rides. You can even share some of your seats on freeride in addition to offering your other seats to paid ridesharing sites. The benefit of freeride overpowers the money someone gets through paid ridesharing. It is about creating a large community to tackle environmental issues which CANNOT be solved by money alone.

What’s in it for me if I share my rides for free?

A sense of satisfaction and pride for contributing positively for the improvement of the environment conditions and giving future generations a better tomorrow. And chance of making roads congestion free and commutation faster than ever.

What are the modes of rides available in FreeRide?

There are two modes of rides

-Intercity (Between two cities)
-Intracity (within a city)

What are the safety features available in Freeride?

  • Driving License Verification.
  • Vehicle Photo Verification.
  • Automated emergency SMS delivery to chosen Contacts.
  • 2-way confirmation by the ride requestor and the person who offers ride.
  • A women exclusive feature.
  • An Advanced inbuilt messenger.

What if someone didn’t turn up after offering the ride?

There is a system in App to give feedback/rating for any particular user, a poor rating will reduce the chance of that person of getting any ride and also it diminishes his/her trustworthiness.